Welcome to Hocking’s Dairy Cream Ices

 THANKS for your patience and your many good wishes.

We have vans out every day at BIDEFORD, WESTWARD HO!, APPLEDORE, TORRINGTON, ILFRACOMBE , SAINSBURY’S and NORTHAM BURROWS COUNTRY PARK, usually from about 11.00.  (Finishing times vary according to the weather.)  They all carry our freezer packs with the exception of our flavour van at Westward Ho! slipway.

Sorry  the Instow van is not out, and probably will not be this year.  It would be impossible to serve customers and still leave a safe distance for pedestrians to pass. All vans have sanitiser available for you if you would like to use it, all vans are equipped with a contactless payment terminal now, but will take cash if you have no card!

When queueing please remember to follow the cones and keep your distance.  Thank You and Keep Safe!