Welcome to Hocking’s Dairy Cream Ices


We are coming out of hibernation!   JUNE 1st is the date that non essential open air business can resume……so to begin with we are sending vans to BIDEFORD, WESTWARD HO!, APPLEDORE and TORRINGTON.  The main difference you will see is that we have been asked to make sure the queue stands at least 2 metres apart….maybe not large groups…so that would be helpful please!  (before and AFTER being served!). Also there will be an extra screen between the staff in the van and you!……bit like in a post office.  Other than that hand sanitiser for you if you would like it and if you could pay by contactless that would be helpful!

See you  soon perhaps….between about 11.00 and 6.00 at the start.  THANKS for your patience and your many good wishes.